ponedjeljak, 12. kolovoza 2013.

The mummy girl

Here we are folks, the mummy girl.

I don’t know what this clothing should represent, but I certainly know that it’s first and foremost...a little bit scary. I mean, who would like to see his girlfriend dressed like this? Or maybe your friend when you go out?

Imagine this situation. You’re a guy, and you’re supposed to meet some girl today. She comes dressed like this. Firstly, I wouldn’t know if this is a guy or a girl. Secondly, I would really be concerned of her well being. Mummy look doesn’t do for me. But hey, that’s just me.
One other thing, I can clearly see that it took a lot of effort to make this and for what? I sit here and I try to figure this out. What is the meaning of this? Clearly it isn’t comfortable, it’s not practical and you would scare people on the streets.
If there is an upside to this one, I really don’t see it.


Hello everyone!

As the title of this blog says, this blog will be about silly fashion choices, weird garments, and ridiculous accessories that go with it.
 How did I come to this idea?
Well, I’m a simple young man, who is amazed how silly the modern day fashion has become. I have no fashion education so; everything you’ll see here is a personal opinion of a common guy. It’s simple; I call them as I see them.
I would be glad if you would join the discussion when you see fit, so we can exchange opinions and just have fun with it.